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Samsung Wireless Charger 2

This samsung 2-in-1 portable fast charge wireless charger and battery pack is perfect for those who need a portable fast charge option while on the go. The charger also features two fully-charged battery cells for protection in case of power issues. This charger is also perfect for those who want to save on energy costs and still want access to their phone's power.

Best Samsung Wireless Charger 2 Features

This perfect for the samsung air pods, iphone and other qi wireless chargers! This charging dock will help keep your devices charging while you are on the go. The 3 in 1 qi wireless charger will also charge your samsung galaxy s4, gear s2, s2. 1, and other wireless devices.
this is a great new qi wireless charger receiver for samsung huawei android type-c micro usb 12. This charger has a new design with a slim design and a spongy feel to it. It is also easy to use, you can controlcharging using your phone.
the samsung 2 wireless charger is perfect for your phone if you need a little more power than the traditional charger. This leather and metal design with darkened corners and pagoda-shaped logo is perfect for your office or home. The charger also features a dual protection: against overcharging and overuse. This charger is perfect for use in an office or home where there is plenty of power available.